Deacon Responsibility Activities/Job Descriptions

Deacon Responsibility Activities/Job Descriptions

Cards, Notes to Worship Service Visitors and New Members
This Deacon sends greeting cards or welcoming notes to visitors of our Sunday Service as well as to new members. The desire is to leave a lasting sense of warmth of fellowship when sharing a worship service with our church.

Sunday “Love In Action”
This Deacon contacts other Deacons in order to schedule three entrance door greeters each Sunday. This Deacon also provides a monthly schedule of Love In Action greeters to the church secretary. They also fill in or obtain substitutes when scheduled greeters are not able to attend that Sunday Service.

Celebration of Life
This Deacon heads up a sub-committee of members who will provide a luncheon on the request of family members to celebrate the life of a passed on member following their funeral or memorial service.

Guardian Angels
This Deacon heads up the list who may send cards or notes or telephone members who have missed three services or are ill. This is to show concern and to find out if these members may need other church support.

Church Food Bank
This Deacon prepares soup or light meals and stores then in the church freezer to be delivered to members who are ill or just home from the hospital and are unable to do much food preparation for a short time.

Communion to Shut-Ins
This Deacon, along with a Church Elder or the Pastor arranges to serve Communion to member shut-ins who have requested this service. This Deacon makes contact with the shut-ins periodically in order to do the service, usually after a church Communion service.

Status Board
This Deacon maintains the status board located in the Narthex by the mail boxes and in the church office during the week. This board which is updated as needed, shows hospital admittance or illness or church members.

Home Maintenance Angels
This Deacon assists and /or advises church members and others with minor home maintenance activities and repairs and/or assists or advises in helping with obtaining qualified professional tradesmen.
As the physical and technical capabilities vary from person to person, it is recommended that inquiries to the then acting Deacon be made and no general list of ‘can dos’ be made.
This Deacon may periodically produce a church ‘Connections’ article pertaining to a general or seasonal topic relating to home, landscape, garden maintenance, energy conservation or home safety or other related topics.

Angels on Wheels
This Deacon assists church members and other church friends with locating or providing transportation to the hospital, doctors or dentist visits or other necessary trips.

We Care Cards
This Deacon prepares uplifting greeting cards or letter greeting notes to be mailed to church members, church member family members and friends of the church on the prayer lists; to be signed by our church members, usually during the “After Church Coffee”. These cards or notes may be in a seasonal form celebrating a current holiday.

Mail Worship Bulletins
This Deacon mails worship bulletins to members who may have missed the service and friends of the church in order to keep them up to date on church activities.