Missions Job Description

Faye Brackett


1. Prepare and present a monthly “Mission Minute” (usually third Sunday) during the worship service. Articles can be found in The Mission Yearbook.

2. Promote and chair “Souper Bowl Sunday” activities including a soup luncheon with the donations (monetary and/or food) going to the Ferncliff for children. Materials will be sent.

3. Promote “One Great Hour of Sharing”. Send for the envelopes and posters. This needs to be done three weeks before Palm Sunday. Articles should be written for the “Presbyterian Connection” and the weekly announcements. Collect the ‘banks’ on Palm Sunday. The ‘banks’ can be collected in a large basket in the Narthax.

4. Keep Narthax Mission Bulletin board supplied with articles, photos.

5. Promote “Pentecostal Offering” (first Sunday in June). Red is the color on Sunday. Trinity Sunday. Order materials in May for June.

6. Promote local food pantry when needed.

7. Promote Vera Lloyd Home (usally in August and September) inviting the congregation to donate articles needed at the home.

8. October 4th, Pink Carnation Sunday

9. October 1st, World Communion Sunday

10.Promote Lacandon Mission in Mexico. Keeping congregation informed as to needs.

11. Christmas Card Tree (begin publicizing the Sunday after
Thanksgiving). Monetary donations go to the local food pantry.

12. Joy Offering. Order materials by 1st of November for the first Sunday in December. Promote Joy Offering in the “Presbyterian Connection” and in the announcements. Insure that envelopes and posters are ordered well in advance and on hand for the Sunday designated for the offering.

13. Attend all Stated and Called Session Meetings

14. Make an annual report of the previous year in January

15. Prepare and submit to the Session an annual Mission budget for the church that considers the Mission Endowment Fund and the regular contributions of the church.

16. Adhere to the Budget and seek Session approval for any expenditures for Mission that are outside the approved budget.

17. Maintain a Mission Chairperson Notebook to be passed on to the next Elder of Missions.

18. The three member Mission Endowment Committee chaired by the Mission Endowment Chairperson who (in accordance with Church’s Financial plan, Addendum II. Mission Endowment Fund Guidelines) will appoint the other two members annually from:
a. The current Deacon Board
b. The congregation

  March 2023  
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