Property Committee Job Description

Elder: Steve Broskovak



1. Insure that all church facilities are maintained according to Presbytery standards and in such a manner as to produce quality maintenance at the most economical cost.

2. To supervise all outside contractors in any endeavor to maintain or upgrade all buildings and/or grounds.

3. To insure all contractors hired possess the basic skills needed to perform effectively and that they have adequate insurance.

4. To cooperate with Session members to insure all members understand the care and operation of equipment.

5. To maintain Sound System.

6. To purchase building supplies according to established guidelines and maintain adequate materials and supply inventories. This includes expenditures for:
a. Toilet paper, paper towels, Kleenex, etc.
b. Vacuum cleaner belts and bags.

7. To replace air handling filters on a regular schedule.

8. To have a Certified Inspector inspect and certify all fire extinguishers on a yearly basis.

9. To perform a building check on a monthly basis, look for burned out lights, broken glass, etc.

10. To obtain competitive bids and supervise outside contractors in the completion of outside construction and services.

11. To analyze operating efficiencies on a regular basis and make
recommendations for improvements of facilities.

12. To assist in the development and evaluations of fixed assets and maintenance budgets

13. To maintain current and accurate records of all procedures and projects.

14. To document church equipment to include the following:
a. Serial numbers of equipment like computers and peripherals, copy machines, typerwriters, TVs, VCRs, et.
b. When purchased or donation date of the above equipment.
c. Where purchased
d. Manufacturer info
e. Contact information for maintenance.

15. To drain well pump tank, turn on heat light and heat trace wire on water lines in late fall—before freezing weather.

16. To perform other duties related to facilities and grounds as needed.

17. To schedule a “Yard/Church cleanup” twice a year (Spring and Fall) asking the Congregation to participate.

18. To make sure trash is collected and set outside if custodian is ill or out of town.

19. To unlock church doors on Sunday morning at 8 a.m., turn on the heat or air conditioners to insure the building will be comfortable for the 9:30 a.m. service.

20. To lock all the church doors following the Sunday morning Service.

21. Establish an appropriate size committee to assist with the listed above responsibilities.

22. Attend all Stated and Called Session Meetings.

  March 2023  
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