Worship Committee Job Description

Elder: Meg Simons


The Worship Committee is responsible for overseeing the church’s music program, to include but not limited to the organist/choir director per church personnel policies. The organist/choir director is under contract for service. At least once quarterly the organist/choir director contractor should meet with the Worship Committee for consultation.

The Worship Committee is responsible for the décor of the sanctuary in the use of flowers, candles, banners, paraments and other objects of art.

1. At the January stated meeting of the Session report the names of at least three people who will serve on the Worship Committee. Any church member may be asked, but the Committee should include one or more sitting elders, choir director and the Pastor as resource person.
2. Attend all Stated and Called meetings of the Session
3. Only the Worship Elder will handle the outflow of all monies budgeted to “Worship” in the annual Program Expenses of the Church and the Specified Sub-account listed as “Worship Banners”. All bills will be submitted to the Church Treasurer. Obtain Session approval for purchases outside the approved “Worship/Music/Flowers” annual budget.
4. Inform Church Secretary of any future special activities that need to be printed in the Sunday bulletin and/or entered on the Church Calendar in the office.

The Pastor is responsible for:
1. Selection of the Scripture
2. Preaching of the sermon
3. Offering prayers
4. Choosing the hymns. The minister may confer with the Worship Committee in planning particular services of worship.
5. Overseeing funerals, weddings and any other worship event. If unable to attend such an event, their approval must be obtained before another minister may officiate said event.

1. When needed and appropriate, the Worship Committee will secure and train a liturgist to assist the Pastor during the worship service.
2. An Elder shall assist the pastor in the Ordination and Installation Worship Service.
3. Oversee acolyte’s participation. If necessary, train them.
4. Oversee taking of collection. If necessary, train the ushers, greeters and responsible children to take collection.
5. Oversee the sound system in the sanctuary. Secure people to operate it on a rotating basis for Sunday services and special occasions. Train them if necessary.
6. Oversee the lighting system in the sanctuary. Control the dimming of lights during special services.
7. Assure that the church bulletins are in the correct format as per “The Book of Common Worship”.
8. When needed communicate the rules and procedures of the church to the congregation.
9. On Saturday, or before, check the sanctuary to insure it is ready for Sunday’s service and all elements the pastor will need are in place.

1. Secure a Minister of the Word, Commissioned Lay Pastor, or suitable worship leader for Sunday services. If needed make arrangements for overnight accommodations. Submit to Church Secretary at least a month in advance.
2. If needed, secure and train a liturgist for each Sunday, at least a month in advance and submit to Church Secretary. Any member may be asked.
3. If needed, secure a person to do a children’s message at least a month in advance and submit to Church Secretary. Any member may be asked.

Communion is served the first Sunday monthly unless a Pastor is not available at which time it will be served the second Sunday. Communion is served annually on Maundy Thursday. Communion, with the approval of the Session, may be served at other times such as weddings, funerals, healing services and pastoral care situations at hospitals and in private homes as requested by the pastor.
1. Secure elders, deacons, or church members to serve the elements to the seated congregation. (W-3.3616 d, passed by the Session on 1/17/2006) Normally four people are needed to serve the congregation and one to serve the choir. However, when the congregation partakes in other methods of serving less will be needed.
2. Anyone may set the Communion table with the elements at some time prior to the service, usually Saturday afternoon.
3. Following the service, take down Communion. Collect and dispose of all used plastic cups, return all other items to the Worship workroom behind the sanctuary organ.
4. Disposition of the Communion elements will be made in a manner approved by the Session which is consistent with the Reformed Theological understanding of the Sacrament and the principles of good stewardship.
5. Order or purchase elements locally as needed.

1. Clean the font before and after use.
2. Place water in the font.
3. Any Elder may assist the Pastor with baptism.
4. Insure that the name of the person Baptized is communicated to the Clerk of Session for recording in the church records and a certificate is prepared and presented indicating the baptism has taken place.

1. Assist funeral directors and florist as needed.
2. Inspect sanctuary for neatness and cleanliness. Tissue boxes should be in every pew.
3. All paraments are white.
4. Candles may be lit prior to service.
5. Provide drinking water on the pulpit shelf for the pastor or guest minister.
6. If a Celebration of Life is held after the service, direct guests to Memorial Hall.
7. Inspect sanctuary after service. Put tissue boxes away.

1. Be available to provide any assistance necessary that involves the Sanctuary.

1. Place candles as needed for all church services and events.
2. Fill chancel candles and the Christ candle twice a month. Order oil as needed. All candles and oil are stored in the Worship workroom behind the organ.
3. Place Advent candles and wreath in the sanctuary the first Sunday in Advent. Wreath and stand are stored in Church basement.
4. If necessary purchase individual candles and drip protectors for Christmas Eve candlelight service. Place in baskets for distribution before service. Any Elder may assist Pastor during the service.

1. Follow the liturgical calendar in the “Presbyterian Planning Calendar”. A copy is in the office.
2. Paraments and banners are stored in the Worship workroom. They are displayed at the discretion of the Worship Committee following suggestions in the PCUSA Planning Calendar.

1. Arrange people to operate sound system for services and special occasions
2. To provide training if necessary which includes basic maintenance of equipment.

1. To control the brightness and dimming of the lights during special services.
2. Trains the “Love in Action” greeters, ushers and children how to take the collection and oversees it.
3. Communicates the rules and procedures to the congregation.


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Thursday Coffee
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